Tuesday, April 19, 2016

     Hillary Clinton has just won an impressive victory in the NY Democratic Primary. Projected 60-40 as I write this.  It is now time for a reality check. 
      I have been an enrolled member of the Democratic Party for nearly fifty years. I consider myself a mainstream progressive Democrat on the issues, and a promoter of insuring opportunity, promoting responsibility, and a sense of community. We are all  in this together. 
     I have never really understood or appreciated those who have sat on the sidelines, and refused to declare their allegiance. Bernie Sanders is one of those individuals who has lived on the left, and eschewed the Democratic Party for most of his career.   Now , he is trying to win the approval of members of my party to become their standard bearer. To me, he is sounding more and more like Ralph Nader, and less and less like a true Democrat. 
     I think it is time for Bernie to either suit up, and champion the Democratic Party, it's probable nominee and causes, or break free and pursue his own agenda . I hope he chooses the practical course, and supports the Democratic nominee with heart and soul. If he can't, then it is time for him to declare his true intent, and stop pretending to be a Democrat . 
He has brought much to the table. He has invigorated the process and energized millions of otherwise uninvolved millenials, to his credit. 
   But as the old saying goes," Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party. What say you Sen. Sanders, are you with us or agin' us?