Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Today's Washington Post has a story about Donald Trump being a tax cheat and comparing him to Leona Helmsley.

 “When you can write off your income and write off your consumption, you’re in a Leona Helmsley situation.” The late Helmsley, who also had a real estate fortune, is remembered for observing that “only the little people pay taxes.”

     So instead of releasing his tax returns Trump dives deeper into the dumpster on the Clintons.

    He is clearly a fraudster, a huckster , a narcissistic self enriching grandizer, and now add tax cheat, yet he seems to go up in the polls. As George McGovern said in 1972, "Come home America!"

   And to that I would hasten " Come to your senses America, and walk past the tabloids in the check out counter. " We can do better.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dear Republican primary voters: You've been had. I don't know of any other way to put it . Donald Trump is a fraud. He is a very clever fraud and an equal opportunity deceiver who lies better than most, and until now has gotten away with it. No more.
     His whole Schtlick has centered around his being his own spokesperson to manipulate the media and create an image that is glittery and glamorous, but at its core is really frivolous and fraudulent . As it turns out, he is the quintessential recreation of PT Barnum for the 24/7 news cycle age , and he almost had it all . 
     An incredibly talented carnival barker, he can keep your attention focused on whatever shiny object he's selling at the moment. The problem is, what he is selling is no more than snake oil repackaged and delivered via a Boeing 747 Jet instead of a horse drawn wagon like Professor Marvel in the Wizard of Oz. 
     Build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. Ban all Muslims. Round up all the illegal immigrants (11-15 million people) and ship them back to from wherever they came. What taxes he pays or does not is nobody's business, says he. Bring back coal. Climate change is a fraud. Punish women who have abortions and arm all vigilantes, and if someone dares to shout out disagreement with you, punch them in the face. And people are buying this. Hook, line and sinker. Trump can do no wrong. He is the anti politician. He tells them the  truth, unless the truth does not jive with what he is selling you.
    All of this incredible nonsense should have been disqualifying, but wrapped in multiple flags, the "sucker born every minute" crowd has been eating up this provocative pablum, until now. 
     Now, Donald Trump denies on national television,  that he is alleged spokesperson John Miller or John Baron, even though he has previously admitted he was indeed that "spokesperson", under oath. 
    Unless and until Donald Trump fesses up to the  truth , he is dead in the water. For the sake of the Republic, let's hope he just keeps on lying. The more he lies the more he is melting. And the quicker this bogus mirage melts, the better for all of us. 
   In the end, the devil you know really is far better than the devil you don't.