Saturday, March 5, 2016 Newton has a head that is disproportionately large for his body, and Donald Trump has fingers that are disproportionately short for his height and size. Those are  facts.   
      Although he denied that anyone had ever raised this "issue" before, we now learn that not to be true either. The editor of the former "Spy" magazine, Graydon Carter, 30 years ago, dubbed him a " Short fingered vulgarian", which Trump has never forgotten as he has messaged Carter recently with pictures of his hands.
     What does all of this mean? Potentially nothing, or possibly everything. It is clear that Donald Trump is narcissistic. It is clear that he has an "edifice complex", building large spire shaped buildings which he slaps his name on. 
    I am not a psychologist, but I am aware of "short man complex", which involves shorter than normal men overcompensating for their size . Could there be another anatomical complex involved here which explains the Donald's behavior? It would appear more likely than not. When someone protests like he did at the debate, and brags about his purportedly substantial private parts , one has to wonder again where the truth lies. 
   I find it hard to believe that I am even writing about this subject, but this is what the Republican Presidential contest seems to have come down to.... A high school locker room contest, with the short handed guy referring to one candidate as little and the other as liar. And, I hasten to add that of all the Presidential candidates in the ring, it is beyond ironic that the one who appears to have the largest cajones of all, is the  one non male candidate in the race. 
There, I have said it.. There is an old saying, " Spot it, you got it". I rest my case. Saturday Night Live awaits.