Thursday, January 26, 2012

Self Deporatation--The Mitt and Newt Show

Self Deportation... An idea whose time may have come!

I just love watching these Republican Presidential candidate debates. It is great entertainment.

First there is Newt---If some news correspondent challenges your marital ethics, turn the table on them, and go after the questioner. Hypocrisy be damned. Use the path to the Presidency...the ultimate bully pulpit, to bully the press and rally the Republican base. If someone calls you a lobbyist, tell them you are an historian! ! Hey, it works! He won South Carolina.

And how about that Mitt Romney? You're right Mitt, we envy you. We are part of the 99%, and you are the 1% of the 1%! You are one lucky guy! You are paying 13.9% on your income tax while most of us pay 25% or more on a lot less income. Yes Mitt, you are blessed that your income comes not from wages, or the sweat of your brow, but from corporate manipulation, vulture capitalism, and borrowing to buy fire sale corporations at near zero percent interest (Thank you Fed....), re-inventing them, squeezing out the money, and selling them for huge profits!

You are one of those rich guys who we are supposed to be calling "Job creators". And the great thing about America is that our tax code rewards your type of "work" by granting you special tax loopholes and concessions that we poor working stiffs only dream about! No wonder you reject the label 1% and say it's envy! You are not campaigning for President to change it. You are running to preserve it. Who's kidding who? What a great country this is ( if you are in the 1% ! ) The best thing is, you even do your own laundry. What a regular guy. I bet you iron those nicely starched shirts too!

How dare anyone not genuflect at the altar of Vulture Capitalism. Job killers? It is Obama and the Democrats who are the job killers, not the tax loopholing, tax dodging , Cayman Island bank account holding , Swiss bank depositing, job creators! Let's get our facts straight here!

And your answer to the immigration issue was absolutely, stunningly, brilliant! How do we deal with the 22 million undocumented residents of this country who arrived in the land of opportunity by extra legal means? The answer? Self deportation!

Self deportation... What a great idea. We could take it one step further and maybe even urge those lazy food stamp consuming largely African Americans to self deport too! Back to Africa! I bet Newt would even agree with you. Imagine the cheers that would draw from the Republican base at the next debate.
Even better... Why not scrap the food stamp program altogether, take the money, and buy plane tickets to the homeland for the self deportees.
Food stamp problem... solved!

And while we are at it, why not urge self deportation to Europe for all those Socialist state advocating Un-American acting Democrats who believe in a fair and universal health care system.

The possibilities are endless. Just think...we could solve the Social Security system shortfall by giving plane tickets to all Baby Boomers who want to self deport themselves back to the insolvent countries of their forebears, like Greece, and Ireland and Italy! more diners or Irish pubs or Italian restaurants!

Just think of the convicted felons who, once out of prison, cannot find a job. The answer? Self deportation. Buy 'em a bus ticket outta town, just like the old time Sheriffs used to do. What possibilities this Self deportation concept portends!

I just love these debates. They amuse. They unenlighten. They are great fodder for the befuddled. Move over American Idol and Survivor. The Mitt and Newt show is on . It could even outdraw Beavis and Butthead in the Neilsens.
America, stay tuned. ...but remember...The whole world is watching.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Richard Cordray--- Hooray and Hallelujah!

Recess appointment

Every school kid beyond Kindergarten understands what the term "recess" means. Time out from the school day to take a deep breath, recreate, re-focus, and then come back to the school day with a re-invigorated purposeful spirit.
Imagine if the teacher, during a twenty minute recess, came out to the school playground ringing a bell every 5 minutes, to remind the students that they are really still in school, that recess is not really recess after all, so don't get too involved in playing "Mother May I " because while you may be on the playground, it is not really recess! Huh? Recess is not really recess? A Rose by any other name is really not a rose... ?
Would that make sense to a second grader? Hardly!
And for Congress to leave town after Christmas, not returning until Jan. 23rd, a full month away, and claim that they are really still in session is not just an artifice... It is nothing short of preposterous! It is phony. It is a sham, and the American people know a hoax when they see one. Congress is playing a silly game, and finally...finally...President Obama is calling them on it, with his recess appointment of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,
He has crossed the Republican's Rubicon River, by throwing down the gauntlet He may as well have said "Alea Iacta Est!" , as did Ceasar ( The die is cast). The battle for the heart and soul of the Republic now looms!
It is about time. Obama has faced nothing but obstruction from a Republican dominated Congress since he took office. Even when the Democrats held the majority in both houses, the Republicans used every available device to frustrate, delay, and obstruct Obama's agenda.
He has tried to reach out to them. no avail. He has compromised with them on tax policy, only to be confounded again in the debt ceiling debate. He finally stood his ground on the middle class tax cut before Christmas, and the recalcitrant Republicans , with no reasonable retreat route, raised the white flag. They caved. No wonder Congress is only at an 11% approval rating.
They have done nothing to move the country forward. They have done nothing to create jobs. They have done nothing to protect the American worker. They have done nothing to help the middle class consumer. They have refused to raise taxes on the rich, but were ready to allow the middle class payroll tax cut to go by the boards. They have become the "Do Nothing Republican Congress" of 2011-12, and their days are now numbered.
Rome is burning. The choice is between "Don't just stand there...Do Something!", and don't do anything, just stand there!". The American people are finally calling them out on their failure to function. Fiddling amidst the flames of a faltering economy is no solution. As Lee Iacocca used to say" Either lead...follow..or get the hell out of the way!" Time for them to do the latter.