Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Tolerance is a virtue, generally speaking. Tolerance of hatred, oppression  and intolerance is not.
     That is why it is important for civilized society to affirm religious freedom on the one hand and condemn religious zealotry on the other. Especially when that zealotry is expressed in " Jihadist" like terms.
   There can be no room for the suppression of young Pakistani girls like......, who sought only to become educated. Barbaric beheadings belong to a long bygone era, and whether the challenge is ISIS or Islamic extremism generally, such insanity must be condemned and supressed itself.
    We need also to remember that ,  In the immortal words of Martina McBride, " Love's the only house big enough to hold all the pain in the world". Ghandi knew that. Hitler did not. Consider the difference in their legacies. One left a country finally independent of colonial rule, and building for the future, while the other left millions dead and a continent in shambles.
      That is what happens when hate triumphs over love. So it is important to be resolute in resisting hatred, and to listen to the better angels of our nature. Standing up to intolerance which is based on negativity is the only way the human spirit will endure and potentially triumph.
    Despair in the face of intolerance is not the answer. Love is, however, and when we can summon from within the strength to love our enemies, without tolerating their extremes, we will have advanced the cause of human civilization in an enormous way. Keeping our heart lights on in the face of the daunting darkness that surrounds is is a noble goal. Jesus Christ was no dummy.