Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Vain Mutiny

The Tea party pirates have completed the process that George Bush started. Their mutiny has finally helped to drive this country out of the ditch, and off a cliff!
The average investor has lost $16k since July in their 401k account. That is a direct result of the game of chicken being played by the far right wing of the Republican party with the phony debt crisis they created, then careened the ship of state toward the cliff, all the while,flirting with disaster, and thumbing their noses at the "naysayers" who warned them of potentially disastrous consequences. The irony is that many of those small investors unwittingly cheered for the Congressional mutineers!
. It's like they commandeered the Titanic and deliberately drove it toward a field of icebergs, then tried to pull back after it was too late. The warning signs were everywhere, but they paid them no heed in their zealous righteousness. We may have hit the iceberg ourselves, eventually, but the mutinous congressmen who commandeered the ship of state, and bound and nearly gagged the captain , have no one to blame but themselves.
They will try to blame Obama anyway, as Fox news host Sean Hannity did yesterday on the radio, calling him "President Downgrade", and mocking his decision to take a July vacation on Cape Cod as if he were abandoning the wheel of government in a crisis! How dare he try to blame Caspar Milquetoast by comparing him to Captain Queeg! What would he have him do anyway? Stand and fight the mutineers?
Wait a minute ! Actually that's not a bad idea! Stand and fight for principle, and try to escape the chains that the tea party congressmen have placed around his ankles, and the noose they have fastened around his neck. Maybe there is still time for Mighty Mouse to save the day!
But we need Preident Bold for that job. Not President Bland! Will he seize the opportunity of this new crisis to get back at the wheel before it really is too late? Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of Obama v. The Obstructionists, the continuing saga of life, love and the fight for liberty in a small village alongside the Potomac called Washington!